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Successwise | Sales Page Copy, Facebook Ad Copy & Email Copy

The Quest: Oh this was a big win. One of my initial projects with Successwise was revamping messaging for their signature course, based on founder & #1 bestselling author Allan Dib’s 1-Page Marketing Plan Framework. The goal was to position the course as a practical, simplified shortcut for business owners looking to get “marketing-savvy.”

The Ending: Thanks to new sales page copy, optimized email campaigns, and a post-purchase sequence to improve student results & minimize churn rates, Successwise has seen US$43,000+ in course sales (of a $400+ product) within the first 3 weeks of re-launch.

The Savvy REI | Sales Copy

The Quest: Real estate educator Jhanel Wilson needed new copy and messaging for her premiere mentorship program. The answer? Copy that told a story, and set her mentorship apart from the numerous others in her field.

The Ending: A no-nonsense message that hones in on the internal conversation happening in her readers’ heads. Benefit-driven bullets that clearly communicated the value of what she teaches. A conversational tone that matches the voice they’re used to. And nurturing emails that built KLT through over-the-counter stories while still promoting the offer. Jhanel managed to fill her entire first cohort of students, for a $5,000 program.

Amy Feierman | Website Copy

The Quest: To create a single-page website to clearly communicate the value of Amy’s services to prospective clients.

The Ending: Amy now has newfound clarity on her messaging and plug-and-play sales copy she can continue to leverage across all her marketing channels.

metroEV | Landing Page Copy & Funnel

The Quest: Industry leader metroEV needed improved messaging and a new landing page to appeal to their untapped single home owner market.

The Ending: The new messaging has brought in several new projects for metroEV, thanks to clearly presenting them as the expert, efficient solution to their competitors that truly cares for their customers versus simply turning a quick buck.

Natacha Cottu | Website Copy

The Quest: To create a website that would powerfully convey Natacha Cottu’s mission and how people can work with her.

The Ending: Natacha not only has a beautifully-designed website that entices visitors (in c), she also has the messaging and copy to set herself apart & drive ideal clients to take action.

AI Genetics Inc. | Brand Messaging & Packaging Copy

The Quest: AI Genetics is a promising startup that uses the razor-sharp accuracy of AI technology to provide people with a deeper, more meaningful understanding of their health. They came to me for help with their brand messaging guide and packaging copy.

The Ending: New messaging that positions AI Genetics not as a commodity, but as a luxury experience with high-touch support for its customers, both B2C and B2B.

The Copy Scroll | Personal Email Newsletter

The Quest: To write and grow a list of email subscribers as I share in my journey and (possibly) teach others about copywriting.

The Ending: No ending. Because this is has been an ongoing project that I don’t see ending anytime soon, with several people subscribing and even responding to my weird and fun story-based emails.

About me

*gasp* You want to know about...moi?

Wow, nobody’s ever been so interested in me for me before. I’m blushing. Is this what they call true love? *swoon*

Alright, alright. Hi, I’m Hinly. I’m a Toronto-based copywriter who loves turning big ideas into words that move.

I’m all about finding the light in the dark. The gem in a seemingly boring backstory. The unique position in a saturated market. And most importantly, that one thing that connects with your audience.

It’s helped me hone my craft, learn from losses, and of course, continue to get wins for the clients who’ve trusted me with their story.

Copywriter for coaches & consultants


Some Kind Words


Freya Giles

His interest in people and psychological insights combined with thorough research allowed him to put together the powerful avatars that lead to powerful copy. Hinly’s copywriting knowledge and skills would be an asset in any situation where the power of persuasion is key.


Jhanel Wilson

real estate educator

I knew that when it came to my sales copy, I had to work with someone who shared my values. And Hinly did not disappoint. He put his whole heart into understanding my offer & my audience and supporting me in my launch. I nearly 5xed my investment in just one hour after launching, without being pushy or over-the-top in my message.


Afton Negrea

I needed a copywriter I can trust! I’ve had a few bad experiences where clients have come back to me (even in tears!) saying how hard it was to work with the copywriter I recommended. With Hinly, I can trust him to take the reins, make skilled suggestions, and really get things done. He’s a copy goldmine, a skilled expert, and the greatest fun you’ll know. His professionalism and attention to detail is so greatly appreciated in an industry where many are looking to make a quick buck. Grab him, if you can.


Gen Atangan

Founder of I LIVE ECO

Hinly is a talented copywriter and has done great work for I LIVE ECO.  I highly recommend his talent for your brands!  Versatile, modern and well-researched, Hinly’s copy will not only add organic web presence to your brand but also increase brand value over time. 

Wanna connect? Don't mind if I do!