"Keeps Me Hooked Through and Through 😂"

👆 People say this about my emails all the time.

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No, really — this is what happens when you add a dash of storytelling to your email game:

Seriously — I went on a hiatus once and people told me they missed my emails. MISSED them.

So no, I don’t subscribe to the belief that email marketing is “spammy,” or that people don’t want more emails.

Allow me to show you how to do the same.

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Good question!

I’m Hinly Wong. As a copywriter and marketing strategist, I’ve worked with multimillion-dollar businesses and thought leaders, including Allan Dib, David Jenyns, and Afton Negrea.

I’ve been a part of 6-figure promotions, with copy that’s generated thousands in revenue, and strategies contributing to over 49% annual growth for my clients.

My boyfriend also tells me I’m amazing at Charades, and I think that’s pretty awesome too. Maybe.