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You’re a savvy business owner and you need to move fast — skip the industry-standard month-long wait and get quality, results-driven copy in just 1 week.

Dr. Pradko increased her monthly sales by over 100%

“Sales have more than doubled since before the emails and newsletter strategy. Hinly is a high quality copywriter that you can count on to get the job done. He is professional, organized and yet is open to collaborating with others in his projects.”



I Love Unnecessary Stress & Hustle Like I Love Coffee

I hate coffee (thousands of copywriters around the world just gasped).

So Say Goodbye To:

And Say Hello To:

👇Take Your Pick From Any One Of These Options:

Basic 4-Page Website

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Sales Page

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5-8x Email Sequence

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...Or Get Something Totally Custom ✨

Want to add a webinar landing page with your sales sequence? A mashup of smaller projects like Facebook ads, audits and done-with-you copy, or email variations?

I’ve gotchu.

There's A Reason Why Afton Trusts Me To Get Shit Done

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How The Magic Happens


Pre-Game Call

Once you’ve booked your VIP Sprint in, I’ll send over a questionnaire, and we’ll get together the week prior to discuss strategy and ensure we’re on the same page.


Ready, Set, Go!

Next, I’ll write the copy, delivered to you in wireframed Google Docs, so you (or your designer) know exactly how it should be laid out visually.


Run That Back

By Thursday, you’ll have your copy in your inbox for review. I’ll be on standby to make any revisions necessary so you can have your copy ready to go live by Friday (yes, LIVE live!)

Your Investment?

VIP Sprint


💥 1-week turnaround

💥 1-hour pre-game session

💥 1 day of unlimited revisions

💥 Post-sprint support via email

David Added $70K In Revenue To His Business — How's That For ROI?

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“We Are Sold Out 💓!” And Other Rave Reviews

Jhanel 5x'ed Her Investment

I’m so happy I found Hinly! I knew that when it came to my copy, I had to work with someone who shared my values. And Hinly did not disappoint. He put his whole heart into understanding my offer & my audience and supporting me in my launch. I love everything about the new copy! I nearly 5x’ed my investment in just one hour after launching, without being pushy or over-the-top in my message. I’m already working with him on another course, and I suggest you do the same! You won’t regret it.


Still Have Questions?

Luckily for you, I’ve got answers.

What If I Want to Book More Than One Sprint?

You’re more than happy to! You can book them subsequently, or spread them out over multiple months (not unlike a retainer arrangement). And yes, discounts are available for bulk bookings.

How Soon Should I Book It In?

Typically, we book 2 weeks in advance. Get your slot ASAP, especially if you know you’ll need copy in the coming month or so. Can’t promise I’ll be 100% available.

What Can't You Do On A VIP Sprint?

If you want full website copy including brand messaging, a complete launch, or your entire funnel done, then a single VIP Sprint is not for you.


Please get in touch via the form above to inquire. Depending on the scope of your needs, you may need to book in 2-3 VIP Sprints instead.

What Happens If I Don't Like The Copy?

That’s what the day of revisions is for!

Plus our initial pre-game session AND client questionnaire will ensure we lay all the foundations for you to get copy you adore.

What If I Need Strategy or Positioning Support?

VIP Sprints work best when you have a clear direction on your overall brand vision and overarching marketing strategy.

If you need help pinpointing those pieces, I would recommend adding a VIP Intensive session ($1500).

Over a 1-hour Zoom call, we’ll drill down on your story, your messaging and positioning, and how to apply that to the rest of your business.

Afterwards, you’ll get a PDF report outlining all our breakthroughs and a recording.

Let's Make It Happen!

I only work with businesses I’m confident I can help.

To see if we’d be a good fit, I have a questionnaire I ask all prospective clients to fill out.

It’s quite in-depth, because I’m more thorough than most other copywriters. You’re welcome to leave certain questions blank, or be short in your response, but I recommend you be as detailed as possible.

And there’s a benefit in this for you too: 

1) No matter who you work with, you’ll have to fill out a questionnaire like this (usually after you pay the invoice), so why not get it out of the way?

2) Even if we don’t end up working together, you’ll be able to hand your answers to any other writer and it will practically force them to write you better copy.