Well, this is embarrassing ⁠— it seems like I’m all booked up for 2022.

I mean, unless I just sacrifice sleep and all the free time I ever had, but I’m told that’s not healthy, so *shrug*

Anyways, if you’re still stoked to work with me if and when spots open, you can grab my services guide below for all the deets and prices you could ever need:

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Oh, you’re one of those people who likes to scroll down for more.

Same here.

And they say people on the internet don’t read anymore. *lol*

Anyways, I figured we’d clear up a couple questions before you sign up for the waitlist. 😉

Question #1: Can you help me with X?

Very good question. Let’s start with what I will NOT touch with a ten foot pole:

On the other hand, I CAN help you with:

If those're the things you see yourself needing help with in the future, you're in the right place.

Especially if you wanna see results like:


in 3 weeks from a low-ticket course

5x ROI

in 1st hour of mentorship launch


increase in cold traffic conversions


average increase in email open rates

But hey, don't just take my word for it.

“I’ve had a few bad experiences where clients have come back to me, even in tears!. With Hinly, I can trust him to take the reins, make skilled suggestions & really get things done. His professionalism & attention to detail is so greatly appreciated in an industry where many are looking to make a quick buck. Grab him, if you can.”


“Hinly does a great job of digging in to find out all of the details and goals of your project before he works his writing magic. This makes a much bigger impact on the results than just blindly jumping in to write copy. Each time I’ve engaged Hinly I have seen positive results. If you’re struggling to write copy that connects and converts, Hinly will step in and be your secret weapon!”


“I knew that when it came to my sales copy, I had to work with someone who shared my values. Hinly did not disappoint. I love everything about the new sales page and emails! And I nearly 5xed my investment in just one hour after launching, WITHOUT being pushy or over-the-top in my message. I can’t recommend him enough.”



“Hinly is a competent and accomplished copywriter. It was my first time working with a truly competent copywriter, but he was attentive and able to quickly grasp the concepts in my head and portray them in a coherent, simple way. Highly recommend him.”


“He took the time to thoroughly understand my situation and came up with an excellent strategy. He helped me with the copy for my opt-in & funnel that converted at over 50% shortly after launching.”


“Hinly was amazing at formulating exactly what I wanted to express. I am loving my copy and so proud of my website now. It’s sharp, meaningful, concise, and speaks exactly to my ideal client. Working with him gave me even more clarity on how to express my offer, what I do, and who I helped. And this is priceless.”


Join the waitlist!

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Question #2: Can you give me, like, a general ballpark range?

Ah, if I had a dime for every time I heard that question, I’d be on a yacht somewhere.

Now, if I ALSO had a dime for every time a client of mine came to me, sick and tired because the “cheaper options” wasted their time and money…

Well, that’d just be my project fee. 😛

Here’s the deal: if your budget is your biggest concern, and you can’t fathom investing at least US$3,000 into a standard 4-6-page website, then we’re not a good fit (at least, for now – you’re welcome to stick on the waitlist and keep my services guide on file until you can afford a copywriter who knows what he’s doing).


Question #3: I have a really tight deadline. Can you complete this project for me RIGHT now?

The old Hinly would’ve screamed, “HECK YEAH!”

Old Hinly is in a coffin now. I’ve taken over.


To answer the question: I’m afraid not, friend. There’s a reason why this is called a waitlist, ya know.

Means you gotta…you know, wait.

And a word of advice: never wait until the last minute. I tried referring a 4-websites-in-2-weeks project to some rad copywriters I know. Let’s just say shit. Blew. Up.

Make sure you book in AT LEAST a month in advance (or I suppose in my case, a good several months lol).


Question #4: What's your process?

Alright, here’s how it’ll go down:


research to gather crucial intel


copy hammered into shape


revision without confusion

Still have questions? Grab the services guide 👇

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